Mike Mech, Bungalow Chef

LOGOThe Bungalow Chef’s Pimiento Cheese

Some think it’s a Southern delicacy, I believe it’s more of a Mid-century food delight!  It was always a staple for parties and picnics growing up.  Some think of it as a cheese spread or cheese relish.  It has many uses, not only for a spread on crackers or cocktail bread.  But it is amazing as stuffed celery spread, a filling for an omelet, or as a filling for a fanciful grilled cheese. See more serving suggestions below!  Yum!

3 cups coarsely grated Sharp Cheddar Cheese, about 12 ounces
3 cups coarsely grated Monterey Jack or Swiss Cheese, about 12 ounces
1.5 cups chopped pimientos.  Drain well but reserve the juice. (I use the retro little jars.)
1/2 to 3/4 cup mayonnaise, depending on use.  See comments below. (Duke’s is the best or Hellman’s Mayo.)

Celery Salt to taste, Garlic Powder to taste, Salt and Pepper to taste

As a dip, use more mayo; as a sandwich filling use less. If your Pimiento Cheese seems too thick, add a bit of the pimiento juice.

I sometimes serve this piped in Belgium Endive, and garnished with cooked bacon crumbles or chopped green olives. For hard boiled eggs, remove the cooked yolk and use Pimiento Cheese as the filling. I also take cocktail bread and use as a filling, and griddle as a mini melted grilled cheese. Sometimes I bake off mini new potatoes and split and fill as a cheesy mini appetizer.