Blue Island Development Corporation
The Blue Island Development Corporation (the BIDC)  began in 1984 by a group of concerned citizens in our community.  It was their hope to keep Blue Island a respectable, desirable place to live and conduct business.  Primary goals included the promotion of racial/ethnic harmony, keeping our community economically stable as well as beautification through renovation. In the years that followed the BIDC became a “civic booster” organization establishing projects and programs for the community.
One major one is publishing the FORUM Newspaper, 16-20 pages, free, covering all aspects of Blue Island living and encouraging participation in and reporting of local events.



The FORUM is a publication of the Blue Island Development Corporation (BIDC) supported solely by advertising and membership contributions.

Blue Island Development Corporation is a not-for-profit group dedicated to providing an informational, educational network that promotes racial and ethic harmony and the positive aspects of Blue Island.

Through The FOURM Newspaper and other BIDC sponsored programs, we intend to stimulate and strengthen our community and improve the quality of life in Blue Island.

The FORUM attempts to remain unbiased and does not offer support or contributions to one political party, but will report news and issues that are important to Blue Island residents.

FORUM circulation is 5,000 plus (audited); Readership 23,000.

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January 25 Issue Deadline January 16

February 22 Issue Deadline February 13

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August 23 Issue Deadline August 14

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