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Lost Treasure at Memorial Park Pool


Splash for Cash: A week’s worth of heavy rain and thunderstorms disoriented a ship-load of clumsy pirates resulting in the loss of thousands of “priceless” plastic gems throughout Memorial Park Pool. Luckily, dozens of neighborhood kids set out to help the helpless pirates in exchange for “worthless" paper currency during this year’s Splash for Cash.

In a race against time and other treasure hunters, participants stuffed naps sacks, pockets, and purses with gems varying in size and color, each with a unique look and value. From the shallowest corner to the deepest pit, participants scoured every nook and cranny of Memorial Park Pool using their only their scent for riches as a guide. Ultimately, participants recovered and exchanged over one thousand gems valuing just over $500 in cash rewards.

Splash for Cash was held on Saturday, June 23rd at Memorial Park Pool. Entry was offered free of charge to all Memorial Park pool pass holders. Non-members gained access with paid admission. All entries included admission into the Evening Swim session. Over 1,000 plastic gems were scattered throughout the pool’s basin. Each gems had a set value worth anywhere between 1¢ to $100 at exchange. The rarest of gems granted their finders with special cash prizes provided by generous donors. 

The Blue Island Park District would like to extend a special thanks to State Representative Robert “Bob” Rita, Park Board President Ted Ruthernberg, Alderman Tom Hawley, Alderman Candace Carr, Alderman Jairo Frausto, Alderman Alecia Slattery, Alderman Fred Bilotto, Alderman Nancy Rita, and Park Commissioner Raeann Zylman for their generous donations. Their contributions helped us provide the #bestsummerever for many Blue Islanders!

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Senior Lunch and Bingo

By William Cazares

The Blue Island Park District played host to dozens of Seniors during the annual Senior Lunch and Bingo event on June 28th, 2018. Blue Island seniors over the age of 55 were treated to a catered luncheon and entertainment courtesy of the Blue Island Park District. Like the name suggests, the delicious lunch served up by D’Masti Catering was complimented by an afternoon’s worth of Bingo play. Guests had the opportunity to play their luck for the chance to win great prizes and raffle drawings. Prizes included gift certificates to various local establishments, home goods, and prize baskets donated by Oak Street Health. 

The Blue Island Park District hosts Lunch and Bingo events twice a year, once in the summer and again in during the winter holiday season. Both engagements are exclusive to seniors and available free of charge for those that reside in Blue Island. Seniors interested in attending the next function are encouraged to sign up for the Park District e-newsletter. e-Newsletter subscribers will be amongst the first to learn about new happenings and events hosted by the Blue Island Park District. Submit your email and subscribe at

A Race for the Board

It’s Back! The Blue Island Park District’s Cardboard Boat Regatta returns to  Memorial Park Pool on August 11th, 2018 at 5pm. This popular event features a series of races of teams riding wishing homemade vessels constructed solely out of cardboard and duct tape. Each race pits team vs team in a challenge against others and the inevitable. Sinking is not uncommon but to most, is the best element to this one-of-a-kind event.
Participation is open the public. Prizes include at Family Pool Pass (a $310 value), an individual Pool Pass, trophies, and of course, bragging rights. Team registration includes 5 members that may consist of parents, relatives, or friends. Registration includes admission into Memorial Park Pool Evening Swim sessions (a $20 value). Fee: $15 team fee. Includes 5 members and pool entry.

A special Blue Island Business regatta (rightfully named as The Cardboard Boat Business Class Race”) will take place immediately following this event.  During this special race, Blue Island Businesses will attempt their best to outrun one another for a chance to take home the coveted traveling trophy and all the bragging rights it grants.

The Cardboard Boat Business Class race is the perfect opportunity for any Blue Island business to increase brand exposure in a fun-loving manner. Interested parties may contact the Blue Island Park District at 708-385-3304 to get signed up.

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