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*UPDATE* Hospital Group Urges Illinois Leaders to Stop Closure of MetroSouth Hospital in Blue Island

People’s Choice Hospital remains ready, willing and able to save south side community healthcare center and avoid community healthcare crisis.

A Chicago area hospital management company that was poised to rescue a distressed south suburban community hospital is pleading with the State of Illinois and the Attorney General to file a temporary restraining order (TRO) before it’s too late.

Oak Brook based People’s Choice Hospital (PCH) is formally asking the State to enforce a decision by the Illinois Health Facilities and Services Review Board which delayed approving the closure of MetroSouth healthcare center late last month.

Despite that ruling, owners of MetroSouth – Tennessee-based Quorum Health- has shut the hospital’s doors and cut off healthcare services for Blue Island and surrounding communities, essentially defying a state regulatory ruling to keep the hospital open indefinitely.

“Just like minutes count when patients face life or death situations, time is running out to save Metro South. It’s not as simple as turning the lights back on and service is restored,” said Dr. Seth Guterman, MD, and People’s Choice Hospital President.

“Every day this facility remains closed exponentially increases the chances it will never reopen.” People’s Choice entered into good-faith negotiations with Quorum Health last month, agreed to the owner’s purchase price of $20 million and were ready to take ownership of the hospital, saving it from closure until communication from Quorum inexplicably stopped.

“Laws that protect access to healthcare cannot be randomly enforced. Quorum broke the law by closing down MetroSouth without state approval. If state regulators and officials don’t act now, these communities will lose a critically important hospital forever,” said Ari Scharg, PCH Chief Legal Counsel.

Blue Island receives thousands of emergency service calls a year involving thousands of residents. Many of them require immediate medical attention where every minute counts. Closing MetroSouth will put people’s lives in jeopardy with the nearest hospital 12 minutes away. If that emergency room is on bypass status- it would mean even longer emergency transportation time.

MetroSouth is a safety-net for the most vulnerable people in Blue Island and surrounding communities. If it closes, it will create a medical desert in our community which means people will have to travel greater distances and lose valuable time to receive life-saving medical care,” said Dr. Guillermo Font, MD, MetroSouth Director of Maternal-Fetal Medicine Services and Level II Obstetrics Unit.

In 2008, Dr. Guterman helped rebuild the emergency department and inpatient units at MetroSouth (then St. Francis) which ultimately led to a complete turnaround of the hospital. 

During his tenure leading emergency room, procedures were overhauled, training was implemented and new systems were expanded hospital-wide, which helped streamline workflow and increase revenue streams. The hospital was ultimately sold to Quorum in 2014 for $40 million.

People’s Choice Hospital is calling on state regulators and elected officials to do what is right for the community of Blue Island in order to preserve this vital community hospital from closing. 

About People’s Choice Hospital: People’s Choice Hospital (PCH) is a hospital management group based in Oak Brook, Illinois. PCH represents a unique worldview of how hospitals should be operated, with a focus of providing unique solutions for outdated business models. While healthcare accounts for a large portion of the GDP, much of the industry struggles from glaring inefficiencies. The hospital market, specifically, represents massive opportunity for skilled operators to turn around struggling assets with new business models. Hospital environments are unique; both communication and documentation prove to be complex. It is therefore imperative to have the right team who knows how to leverage the right tools. Over time, the PCH team has earned its professional standing and is able to recognize opportunities in the face of clear challenges. While each financially struggling hospital faces its own challenges, PCH has a proven methodology that is applicable in most instances, with strategic fine-tuning.




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